Atlantis not lost!

ATLANTIS has not lost!

(Our knowledge is too poor only…)

Atlantida+Mu 1MY


  • Many people heard about the ancient lost Island of Atlantis. The legend is living in the Heart of many Civilization, from the ancient Egypt, trough Hellas until present days.
  • The Story has begun with the Priest of Sais. They gave it to Solon, Solon gave to Critias, and Plato has got it from Critias.

ősi Libia és Kisázsia

The  Ancient Libya and  Asia Minor there those were cca. 7000 kms (4375 miles) combined! In the begin of this job I have thought, it is extreme, and was just 3000 kms (1875 miles).

But, as We see later,  Atlantis – or better name is Atlantida – were not an Island only . There were a Continent! That has contained Seven Kingdoms and many Islands, and one of that was the Island of Atlantis (according to Rudolf Steiner).

(Map of the World according to Herodotus and any datas according to the Wikipedia)


Many Myths and Legends based on Atlantis

ATLANTIS  – The Theory

  • One day, in the year 9000 BC, the Island of Atlantis demolited by Asteroid, Earthquakes and cause of many active Volcanoes together.
  • According to other Theory, it has happened in the year 11600 BC
  • In this Chataclysm, the giant Island has exploded and has sank into the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, only in one day

What is fact?

  • To lose of a giant Island without any wake is impossibile!

The Evidence

  • You will see, it has not happened to Atlantis
  • The Island of Atlantis has NOT lost!
  • I have an ancient Inka Map draft, origins of Peru:

Atlantida és Mu ősi térképe 2

…and I have an other Map, according to Athanasius Kircher:


After long-long time, I can to recognise and to identify…

I knowing this Island!   This is exists on this Earth right now!

                                     In the present Days!

 The problem is the next one:

We have a great Confusion, cause the old Pangea Maps, what are exists,  those are wrong also:

8.-pangea_07sep2007 pangea-map-01

rossz pangea old Pangea by Google Satellite Maps

  • The Fault is the same on all Maps, cause there are no rooms for the missing Island on the right Place…
  • We knowing, that Place was between North-America and Africa.
  • And We knowing also, that Island or Continent were Giant, as 3000 or 7000 kms!

So, a new Pangea needed, cause the old one is wrong!

I have rebuilt the Pangea. I have constructed a completly new Map of the ancient Globe. But, I’ve made this of proportional satellite Google Maps! So this Pangea is very precise and has high resolution without any torsions!

Teljes  Pangea

Continental Movements

  • In the very first time, the Pangea has an unified Tectonic Plate and named Atlantida.
  • 100 Million Years ago, the Tectonic Plate has broken in the Middle, from the North Pole to the South Pole

The South Part of the Pangea begun to move away from each other. And the North Pole has kept the Position, like a Scissors.

Atlantida+Mu 50MY

  • 50-20 Million Years ago the Tectonic Plate has out and the Mu has broken cause of volcanic Activities
  • broken Between the Northwest- and Southwest-Atlantida horizontally
  • When this Plate has opened, Southwest-Atlantida began to twist out.
  • In the same time, the Scissors has opened more
  • Australia has started to move away from Africa (Southeastern-Atlantida)

Atlantida+Mu 20MY

  • 20-5 Million Years ago only, when the Northern Continents began to move away from each Other, while the Southwest-Atlantida moved continously.
  • Britain, Ireland, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Iceland has begun to separate cause of volcanic Activities:
  • Shaping of Atlantis
    • 5-1 Millon Years ago the Northwestern-Atlantida Tectonic Plate has broken and Atlantis has started to move away from the Continent
    • Victoria Islands and Nuvaut Island also started to separate from Atlantis:

Atlantida+Mu 1MY

  • This process has gone until the Years 11600 BC. Our Globe were the same for a long time, with small changes
  • But in the years of 11600 BC changed Everything suddenly. Cause, the Island of Atlantis had a great Volcano, what was active
  • An Asteroid hitted the centre of this Volcano and the South part of Atlantis has exploded. A terrible Earthquake-serie has changed the Shape of the Island. The Southeastern Coast has sank into the Ocean.
  • Atlantis and the smaller Islands started to move to the North Pole. The Explosion has started the movement of the Continents, mainly Northwest-Atlantida also
  • According to other Sources, there were a heavy Battle between two Kingdoms, and some electromagnetic or nuclear Wapon (like the ion-cannon) has destroyed the Capital City of Atlantis. This would be an explanation, how diverged Atlantis from Europe so fast.
  • Cause, the subatomic particles, bosons can give so high energy to the tectonic plates, that the plates move or grow faster.
  • Could has destroyed an other City in the area of Hudson Bay also…

The Statement of the Ancient World

  • Until the Years of 11600 BC there is the South Atlantida Continent moved far away only from the ancient Pangea on His Tectonic Plate. The North Continent was near to the Coast of Africa and Europe!

That Civilization there were on very high level of the Culture and the Science. There was a high-organised society. But the Politic and Moral felt down year by year. So we can say, that Chataclysm was a punishment of the God, like has had Sodom.

  • That explosions there were so big, like thousands of Atombomb of Hiroshima. This caused a Firestorm what has gone all around of the Globe.
  • After this, the Water has went all around. In the same time horrible Smoke flight into the Air. The Sky bacame dark for long-long time.
  • Almost everything has distroyed. The human Civilizations, the Fauna and the Flora also. Some Live remained in the Caves and on the far Lands all around of the World only. And the last glacial Era has begun soon. This was the small Ice Age.
  • The Tectonic Plate of Atlantis has broken, and this Plate got moved stronger and faster to the direction of the North Pole and to left. In few 1000 years the Planet has got the last shape of the Atlantic Ocean. The Island of Atlantis (Greenland) is damaged and is under 1-3 kms of Ice.
  • One part of Atlantis – the Southeastern Coast – is on the bottom of the Ocean. This could be the ancient Capital City of Atlantis, named Metropolis…
  • The glacial age was relatively short, and not so strong, like before. After 8000 Years a new life has begun. The high level Civilization has lost, and the memories, monuments, buildings of the ancient Island are on the subglacial Territory.

Oct. 2014.

The ice of Greenland is melting in present days, cause of the wildfires of Canada (3,3 Million ha), and the volcanoes of Iceland.

All Rights reserved!

Joseph Hun-Fedor

Eindhoven, 28. Sept 2013.

About joefe777

I'm the son of Atilla, who was the great king of the huns. I'm a quantumchemist, chartographer, engeneer in photo-semiconductors...and many more
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  1. Hello, everything is going well here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts,
    that’s truly good, keep up writing.


  2. obsfo says:

    Hi Joseph,
    Thanks for checking-out my blog and finding it worth following. Interesting article on Atlantis and the Malaysian airline disaster.
    I am going to follow your blog to check-out future articles.
    Many grammatical errors but we get the gist of what you are saying.

    John Graham


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