Black Hole-Mistakes

Black Hole-Mistakes

I have found many big Mistakes in the astronomical Science:

there is a wrong understanding of the Black Holes, and the Neutron Stars. The Astronomy is confused by the old Theories in present Days.

 AccDisk2   AccDisk1

We have to clerify our Theories about the newborn Planetary Systems, Neutron Stars and the Black Holes in the same time!

What the Scientists observe and name as Black Hole that is not a Black Hole! That is usually a newborn Planetary System, and the Black Hole is even something Else.  The Black Hole has a Vortex around the Event Horizon:


There is a problem to understand how the Black Hole really works. According to prof. S. Hawking, the Black Hole is the Vacuumcleaner of the Universe. This means, the Black Hole works as a Whirlpool: has no Gravity Force, but has the Force of vacuum and has a spin, what is near to the critical spinning speed (95% of It).

If we can to clerify this Theories, we can find the Dark Matter also, cause the Dark Matter is the Component of every Solar Systems, by this way the newborn Planetary(Solar) Systems too. The Scientists have many oppositional Theories, cause They are observing many newborn Planetary Systems as Black Holes!

So I request Your attantion, please!

First have to clerify: the Black Holes have no an Accretion Disk! (The blue ring is a Vortex!)


The Accretion Disk is a specific of the newborn Planetary System only. This is the main Fact.

Black Hole

1st step to watch, how comes the Matter into the Galaxies:

the phorm of the Matter is ionised Gas, what is hot and concentraited structure of the atomic elements (quantums). This is the 4th phorm of the consistency, as Plasma. (99% of Our Universe is cold Plasma, so the Interstellar Space is not empty.) This ionised cloud is named as Prenebula.

When a new Galaxy born, the first step is the (pre)-Nebula/Globula:

Hannys_voorwerp3Hanny’s Voorwerp (Prenebula)

This Plasma contains high-speed spinning elements, wich spin is near to the critical speed. This elements shaping clusters as superdense cores by many collisions. The Energy statement of this is named as Angular Momentum in the physics, (or moment of momentum, or rotational momentum) officially. The name, Angular Momentum is not so significative. Because the spin determines this state and structure from the first time, when the Plasma explodes into the Galaxy. Better name is the rotational momentum, and the best is the spin-pulse momentum.

Orion Nebula

The elements in the dust get to collide more, and make the shape of high density Cores. By the many collisions of the high-dense cores producing the large, and supermass Nucleus in the Nebula. This gaves the gravity force and fuel of the pre-star. And this pre-star shapes an accretion disk around slowly by his rotation (spin).


By this way phorms a Planetary System within the Nebula :     in the Centre of the Planetary System is the Matter  what is compressed by gigant Power. This Energy origins from the spin of the Angular Momentum of the ionised Matter.

Supermass Nucleus

As we see, inside of the Planetary System is a Supermass Centre, what looks like a Black Hole. But NOT! This is a Supermass Nucleus only, what the Astronomers named Black Hole or Neutron Star usually. This Supermass Nucleus is a Protostar really!


The Supermass Nucleus gives the gravity Force of the new Star, and gives the Fuel to the nuclear Reaction the further. The Supermass Nucleus has lot of very heavy Elements, with more Thousends of Atomic Numbers. There is NO nuclear Fusion in the Stars by the first Time: there is a nuclear Fission, to making lighter Elements:


The Elements of our Universe go to an spontaneous fission, if the atomic mass is greater than 92 amu (atomic mass unit)

stellar phase 1

agn_wolli_2 Black-Hole-Center-Galaxy-NGC-5548

Stars by the start of the nuclear Fission. We can see the X-Ray and UV-Ray Waves of the nuclear Reaction, what is not absorbed by the stellar Dust.


Star Phase 1

In the Phase 1 are born the Stars as Dwarfs.

blue-star 776px-RedDwarfNASA                                                                       Sirius Beta                                                     Proxima Centauri

The colour Spectrum of the Dwarfs depend of the burning Materials, wich made by the nuclear Fission. So there are Ferrit, Lythium, Magnesium, Nickel Stars, for Example.

Phase 2: Fission and Fusion together:

Sun_parts_big2Illustration of our Sun

Hertzsprung-Russel_StarData                    Hertzsprung-Russel  StarData

PlanetaryEvolution of the Solar System

NGC5548The NGC 5548 is a „Black Hole” officially. But! Where from and how come any kind of matters from It? There has no a Star „eaten”!

Have to note:         Black Holes have no Accretion Disk!

Only the shaping, new planetary System has an Accretion Disk!

The strong X-Ray, UV-Ray and Electro-magnetic Field are the Characters of the nuclear Reaction.

Of course, the Black Hole has the same Characters, when eats a Star, cause the spins of the Black Hole and the Star are added together.   This results critical spinning Speed and Explosion of the Star. (the blue disk is a Vortex, not an accretion disk!)


A real Black Hole:


The Black Holes are destroy the old Stars and the diasassembled Matters pumped over to the other Place.

Vela_Pulsar_jetA Quasar (where the Matter comes from)
As You see, Qusars working as Pulsar sometimes…
The ejection is the  main character of the Quasars .


This means, that the Black Hole is an Exit, the Quasar is an Entry of the Universe.

The Matter flows by the blended Space in the whirlpool of vacuum.   The spin of the Angular (Rotation) Momentum origins of the spins of the Black Hole and the destroyed Star added together.

Black Hole2

The Black Holes usually have a spin 95% of the critical spin speed. The oldest Stars have 50-60% of the critical spin speed, cause of the divergence. But, when the Star goes over the Event Horizon, the spin of the Black Hole gives horrible spinning energy to It.

This results cca. 150% of the critical spinning speed of the Star, what is explodes as nuclear bomb. This explosion is a million times greater than what we know. This terrible explosion disassembles the Star to atomic parts and Quantums even (Leptons, quarks, bosons).

Have to note:
the Big Bang Theory is not answer at the question of the most longer-life motion in Our Universe: the Spin
An explosion can gives a horrible energy to movement, but can not to gives spin! So this complex Energy can not to origin of the Supernova explosion. The only Answer is the Spin of the Black Hole, what is pumps over every Matter by Atoms. The Black Hole is the spinner of the Universe really!

We have to talking about the shape of the Galaxies also. There are two phorm of them:

the globular…

20101019magellanf2  astro-galaxis-7g

and the spiral Galaxies:

galaxyhmedium  m33b_norm

As You see above, the spiral Galaxies get the shape by the Black Holes, like Our Milky Way Galaxy too. Cause the shape of whirlpool is made by this vacuum-power of the Vortex. We have a giant BH also, behind the Star Alcyone. We know, that the Milky Way is orbites around the Alcyone, and this cycle is 25 600 year. But Our Galaxy is orbites around a giant BH really, what is behind the Alcyone. The Alcyone is very close to the Event Horizon right now, cause this Star has no orbital way around the BH, they just rotates with the BH together.This means, that the Alcyone is in critical statement, and Our MW Galaxy is a very old one! The Milky Way is near to the End of His Lifetime, and near to the Annihilation…


AccDisk3  BH1

This is not a Black Hole! A Newborn Star when the Fission is starts…

…and a Double Solar system in early state:


Double System with different-state Stars:

black-hole-gas-bubble-100707-02A giant (fission-fusion Star) and a white dwarf.

engine-driven-supernova-explosion-with-accretion-disk   Supernova Explosion

Quasar Jet. The very first moment the ejects of Plasmagas-cloud-black-hole-simulation

A new Star has born:


A new Planetary System:


Sources of the photos:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Nuclear History site

All Rights reserved!

  • By Joseph Fedor, science analyst
  • E-mail:
  • 17. April 2014.                              Renewed on 1st November 2015.

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2 Responses to Black Hole-Mistakes

  1. Werner Bodenberger says:

    Get your grammar and spelling right.
    I cannot understand what you are saying.

    Besides spellimg:
    I know that science is not about fact.
    It is about what we know, as far as what we can know.
    We are a millennium away from understanding the universe.
    All the theories that science has, so far, results from lack of patience.
    We are in so much hurry to understand, but we lack the knowledge.
    I know you can say science is wrong, but how can you say that you are right ?
    We are not there yet, not even this century


    • joefe777 says:

      Dear Sir, thank You for Your response! I have done some corrections on my articel, please read again! I want to request Your attention at the last property about the phorm of Galaxies! The fact of the Alcyone and the giant Black Hole together is, what we have to thinking about.


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