Facts to the destroyed MH17

Last facts to the murder

Malaysia Airlines, MH17 Amsterdam – Kuala-Lumpur  17. juni 2014.

I have found on the Internet (in posted news of Yahoo) a remarkable script with photos, which pictures contain more evidences of the destroying of flight MH17. On the pictures of the debris parts discovered some traces of machinegun bullets, which marked out on the cockpit picture by red circle. Based on the pictures it is almost certain that there they were gave shots at the flight MH17 – before destroyed by the missile(s). At first glance, caliber 25-35-mm of machine-gun bullets traces are visible in the pictures. Two holes on the cockpit debris – those was  targeted shootings -, and one on the unidentifiable, silver debris


maláj gép4

maláj gép5

maláj gép1

By the moment of tragedy, there were detected a SU-25 fighter airplane – without any identification signal, but believed with good reason, that was an Ukrainian fighter – near to the flight MH17.  The SU-25 is factorially armed with a caliber 30 mm cannon, which is equipped with a laser targeting aid as well. It is capable of delivering highly accurate shots within 2 kms.

So it is understandable, why the MH17  has turned from the designated air corridor with 14 kilometers to North, where the devastating missile was hit (according to the Russian Ministry of Defense).


What is more, the MH17 has gave no mayday signal, cause of the radio-traffic were blocked by the SU-25!

(You can check some of datas by the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense. )

I believe, that this vile provocation – wich has took the life of 300 people, including 80 children – will be discovered soon, and also hope that this discovery will contribute to uncover the truth.

So, You have to collect and keep as safety every parts of debrises, as evidence of this murder.

I’m so sorry for every Victims and for the concerned Families of this tragedy!

And the verylast news:


Only one question: WHY???

The reaction of wise people:


source: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/shrapnel-damage-on-malaysia-plane-consistent-with-missile-strike-1406049495-slideshow/

Jozsef Fedor (Eindhoven)

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