Deep Underground Military Bases ( D.U.M.B. )

Deep Underground Military Bases 

By now, I am clear on a few simple facts.

1) There are many secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels.

2) They can be impressively large and surprisingly deep. 3) They contain sophisticated technology.

4) Many thousands of people are involved in constructing, operating and maintaining these facilities.

And 5) they are located all over the world.

One of the best known underground facilities in the world is at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, in the geographical middle of the vast, Australian outback. Even though this base is located in Australia it is really the American military and espionage alphabet soup agencies who administer and operate it. Officially, the Pine Gap facility is a spy satellite intelligence facility, that the Americans use to monitor global satellite communications. If you type the key words Pine Gap or Pine Gap base in a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you will get hundreds of thousands, even millions of responsive links. Not all of these links have to do with base at Pine Gap, Australia, but many of them do. You could probably spend years investigating just this one base. However, short of joining the CIA and signing your life and soul away to enter the black world of compartmentalized, special operations you would never be permitted to enter the underground levels at Pine Gap.

More thought-provoking images of tunnel boring equipment:




That having been said, for 20 years, maybe more, I have been hearing rumors and stories about a large underground base at Pine Gap. I find the stories perfectly credible, because the U.S. military and espionage agencies have a well documented history of creating underground bases in the United States. There is no reason why they wouldn’t do abroad, what they do in the USA; on the contrary, there is every reason to think that they would. One of the most eye-popping of these stories was related to me several years ago, second-hand. It was so outlandish that at first I thought it was so far beyond the pale that it could not possibly be true.

But I have to confess that as my knowledge of the missing trillions of dollars from the coffers of the Pentagon and other American government agencies has grown, and as I have come to appreciate the Mafia-like nature of the U.S. Federal government and the mega-corporations and multinational conglomerates with which it transacts all manner of undertakings, from A to Z, my mental horizons have broadened to encompass thoughts and levels of understanding to which I was simply unconscious in the past. According to my source, circa the year 1981 the base at Pine Gap was planned to be extended vertically to a depth of 8 miles, with 400 levels or “floors”, if you will, spreading out laterally underground across 20 or 25 miles, and designed to ultimately accommodate 250,00 inhabitants, or more.
In other words, the Shadow Government intended to make a mid-size city underground at Pine Gap. I now find myself wondering if they did make an underground city there. And if the answer is in the affirmative, who lives there? Do they live there voluntarily, of their own free will, or are people held there against their will, in bondage? And what is the purpose of such a large facility, assuming such a big, underground city has been constructed?

The United States government has lied to its own citizens, and to the rest of the world, about so many policies, so often, so massively, for so many years, and I find myself in possession of such a wealth of persuasive evidence, both direct documentation and suggestive circumstantial evidence of myriad clandestine underground facilities and unknown numbers of secret undersea bases, as well, that I cannot any longer put any arbitrary, preconceived limits that I might have formerly held on the true extent and size of the secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels on this planet. Secrecy and compartmentalization have run completely amok, funded with trillions of dollars of black budget money, and enabled by jaw dropping, cutting edge technology straight out of a science fiction movie.”

Posted by  and Joe Fedor

Stargates (Portals)

[Portals are doorways to other locations. They have this technology to go to the Moon, Mars, etc.]

Stargate Detroit by Chad Stuemke Hart Plaza may be an urban portal or even a stargate considering the large amounts of gateway and stargate symbolism found on the park grounds. Let me clarify the kind of stargate we will be discussing today. A stargate can be perceived or referred to in several different ways. There is of course the classic stargate made popular in science fiction programs. Generally in that instance it will be portrayed as a transportation device that can relocate people or objects across galactic space from locations on Earth at less than the speed of light

“A Stargate may be a place on Earth that is a shamanic-trance portal to other worlds where energy pulsing(ringing) from our star, from other stars or star systems is easily received.” One of this Stargate located to the Antarctica too.

–William Henry (American Rite)

Denver Airport  

(free license)

A man named Phil Schneider claimed during the last year of construction that the underground airport system was being connected to a deep underground base. The base is at least 8 levels deep, with a 4.5 square mile underground city and an 88.5 square mile base underneath the airport. Alex Christopher, Author of Pandora’s Box and Pandora’s Box II – an expose of the British instigation through Washington D.C. over the last 200 years – adds, “It is very unusual that they would allot a 50 square-mile area on the surface at which to locate an airport in the middle of nowhere unless they really planned to use it for something very unusual later. There is a 10-mile, 4-line highway out to this airport, and there is nothing out there in between the airport and Denver. Not even a service station, at least in September 1995.”
    So why is an author of anti-British smears talking about the DIA? It turns out that, according to Christopher, the Queen of England has been buying up a lot of property in Colorado under a pseudonym. Along with the Crown, the CIA has a naturally great interest in the area. Rodney Stitch, author of Defrauding America, claims to have a copy of a tape of a CIA agent paying off the mayor of Denver to get the airport built, to the tune of $1.5 million. Nazis have an interest in the area as well, as much of the DIA’s symbology refers cryptically to the Black Sun, some sort of Nazi secret occult worship. (Colorado had long been a strong center for the neo-Nazi movement, most notably through the June 1984 assassination of radio talk-show host Alan Berg.) Daddy’s Little Princess: JonBenét Ramsey & The Air In Colorado

Outside the Airport stands a 32 ft tall statue of a rearing blue Mustang. This horse has alternately been referred to as “Bluecifer,” “Satan’s Steed” and “Blue Devil Horse

The Rockefellers monopolized American medicine in the 1920s. They, along with I.G. Farben, Germany’s leading industrial organization, held the monopoly on the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Rockefellers and I.G. Farben worked together before World War II and during World War II. For all practical purposes, the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben were the Third Reich.

But then, unfortunately, if you’re a true researcher, you don’t even stop there. Suddenly you get laid out all of the other more insidious, more horrifying documentation, such as who also gave rise to Hitler’s racial hygiene program – they’re the same people. They funded it. It was the Rockefeller family that built and funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity, which was run by Swiss psychiatrist Ernst Rudin, who was named president of the worldwide Eugenics Federation in 1932.

    Now that’s real well articulated in that book published by St. Martin’s by Aarons and Loftus called The Secret War Against the Jews. And also another very good book by Little Brown called Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. Martin Bormann, like Hitler, was never found. It’s only come out recently on the History Channel that they admit it’s likely that the carcass that was found in the bunker in Berlin was not Hitler’s. I just saw that the other day on the History Channel. It was either the History or Discovery Channel, one of the two. Martin Bormann is clearly known to have skipped town and was never found.

    This was Germany’s principle money man. He was in charge of the Nazi war chest. The entire German economy was under his direction. He was the liaison with the banksters, the Rockefellers. He laundered half of the remaining Nazi war chest through the Chase Manhattan Bank. The Paris branch, which remained open throughout the German occupation of France. And of course there was congressional testimony as to how the Rockefeller family and Standard Oil were operating and making fortunes off both sides during World War II.

    When Hitler and Martin Bormann knew they were going to lose the war, they invested their treasury in 750 corporations to produce a monopoly over the world’s pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Hitler and Bormann invested heavily in Merck and other pharmaceutical companies. They not only knew that would be a good way to make money as a future investment, but they also knew that, given the Holocaust, you can mass exterminate people through chemicals, gasses and pharmaceuticals. You can take people out untraceably that way.

    So that was the target and primary objective for the rise of the Fourth Reich.
    That’s what’s going on today. The Nazis planned for it, they even had a term for it – “neue Ordnung,” which means New Order, New World Order. This today, this New World Order, is the rise of the Fourth Reich. This is precisely what they envisioned and then carried out.


    The populations that have traditionally been targeted for genocide. I have a series of slides taken just weeks ago from the Denver Airport. There’s a capstone, a dedication stone in the main terminal building of the Denver Airport dedicated to the New World Airport Commission by the Freemasons. And there’s a big mural – a huge, beautiful, colorful mural – that is dedicated to the extinct species. And in the foreground, against the horrific backdrop of flames and destruction, there are three open coffins. THE SATANIC NAZI FLU CONSPIRACY by Jim Redden

…..“One of Alex Christopher’s specialities is the new Denver Airport which is reputed to be a cover for a deep underground reptilian-human base. It is certainly a strange place. The first time I spoke on these conspiracy subjects in the United States was in Denver in August 1996, and I’d landed at Denver Airport with no idea of its background. Even so, as soon as the plane landed I’d felt a very strange energy, very weird and unpleasant. The airport was built at enormous cost on open land a long way from Denver and it is full of Masonic symbols. There are also Gargoyle, the winged reptile figures that you find on the stately homes of the reptilian aristocracy in Britain and on the churches amid great cathedrals of Europe which were built by the Brotherhood network.

    There are also gargoyles on a building in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was assassinated and now they turn up again, in a modern airport built on an alleged underground, reptilian base. Gargoyles are symbols of the reptilians and that is why you will find them at Denver Airport. The capstone or dedication stone at the airport is marked with the classic compass symbol of the Freemasons and it stands in part of the terminal called The Great Hall, another Freemasonic term. On a wall is a grotesque mural full of malevolent symbolism, including three caskets with dead females in them: a Jewish girl, a Native American and a black woman; Another girl is holding a Mayan tablet that tells of the destruction of civilisation. A huge character, described as a ‘green Darth Vader’ by Alex Christopher, stands over a destroyed city with a sword in his hand and women are walking along a road holding dead babies. All the children of the world are depicted taking weapons from each country and handing them to a figure of a German boy with an iron fist and an anvil in his hand. Denver is apparently scheduled to be the headquarters of the Western sector of the United States under the fascist global state called the New World Order which is planned beyond the year 2000. Atlanta is said to be the centre for the Eastern sector and I remember thinking some years ago how the design of Denver and Atlanta airports were so similar – now I know why.  WHO ARE THE DRACONIANS? Case Files of Branton

One of the murals is called “Children of the World Dream of Peace”.  Awww, isn’t that nice?  Well, it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that the mural depicts genocide, famine, military oppression, and death.  Hovering over the “children of the world” is a grotesque alien-like, Nazi-esque,  gas mask wearing uniformed figure, who is in the act of spearing the Dove of Peace with a giant sword.  He is surrounded by women holding dead babies.  There are dead children lying in coffins, and kids with swords wrapped in their nation’s flags.  The mural is covered with images of war and death.


List of Tunnels (uncomplet):




ALASKA 1. Brooks Range, Alaska 2. Delta Junction, Alaska 2a. Fort Greeley, Alaska. In the same Delta Junction area.

ARIZONA 1. Arizona (Mountains) (not on map) Function: Genetic work. Multiple levels 2. Fort Huachuca, Arizona (also reported detainment camp) Function: NSA Facility 2. Luke Air Force Base 3. Page, Arizona Tunnels to: Area 51, Nevada Dulce base, New Mexico 4. Sedona, Arizona (also reported detainment camp) Notes: Located under the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. There have been many reports by people in recent years of “increased military presence and activity” in the area.5. Wikieup, Arizona Tunnels to: Area 51 6. Yucca (Mtns.), Arizona

CALIFORNIA 1: 29 Palms, California Tunnels to: Chocolate Mts., Fort Irwin, California (possibly one more site due west a few miles) 2: Benicia, California 3. Catalina Island, California Tunnels to: I was told by someone who worked at the Port Hueneme Naval Weapons Division Base in Oxnard that they have heard and it is ‘common rumor’ that there is a tunnel from the base to this Island, and also to Edwards Air Force Base, possibly utilizing old mines. . 4. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center 5. Chocolate Mountains, California Tunnels to: Fort Irwin, California 6. Death Valley,California Function: The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. The bottom of the shaft opens into an extensive tunnel system

7. Deep Springs, California Tunnels to: Death Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City 8. Edwards AFB, California Function: Aircraft Development – antigravity research and vehicle development Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: Catalina Island Fort Irwin, California Vandenburg AFB, California Notes: Delta Hanger – North Base, Edwards AFB, Ca. Haystack Buttte – Edwards, AFB, Ca. 9. Fort Irwin, California (also reported detainment camp) Tunnels to: 29 Palms, California Area 51, Nevada Edwards AFB. California Mt. Shasta, California 10. Helendale, California Function: Special Aircraft Facility Helendale has an extensive railway/shipping system through it from the Union Pacific days which runs in from Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Los Angeles and Chicago 11. Lancaster, California Function: New Aircraft design, anti-gravity engineering, Stealth craft and testing Levels: 42 Tunnels To: Edwards A.F.B., Palmdale 12. Lawrence-Livermore International Labs, California The lab has a Human Genome Mapping project on chromosome #19 and a newly built $1.2 billion laser facility 13. Moreno Valley, California Function unknown 14. Mt. Lassen, California Tunnels to: Probably connects to the Mt. Shasta main tunnel. 15. Mt. Shasta. Function: Genetic experiments, magnetic advance, space and beam weaponry. Levels: 5 Tunnels to: Ft. Irwin, California North 16. Napa, California Functions: Direct Satellite Communications, Laser Communications. Continuation of Government site. Levels: Multi-level Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Located on Oakville Grade, Napa County, Ca. 87 Acres 17. Needles, California Function unknown 18. Palmdale, California Function: New Aircraft Design, anit-gravity research 19. Tehachapi Facility (Northrop, California – Tejon Ranch Function: Levels: 42 Tunnels to: Edwards, Llona and other local areas Notes: 25 miles NW of Lancaster California, in the Tehachapi mountains. 20. Ukiah, California, Function unknown

More pictures of Denver Airport:



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  2. Yvonne says:

    Hi do you have any info on DUMBS in South Africa please?
    There was a reported earthquake last evening to the south east of Cape Town abt 10kms below the ocean. Tremors felt in Cape Town and again this morning though very mild.
    I’m aware that the tunnels in Australia & NZ are being cleared and am wondering if this is linked as I believe there is a power connection btw Australia and Falkland Islands.
    I hv also heard that South Africa is to follow after Australia and NZ are cleared and completed.

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