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I'm the son of Atilla, who was the great king of the huns. I'm a quantumchemist, chartographer, engeneer in photo-semiconductors...and many more

Latest News on Missing Flight MH 370

Follow All the Latest News on Missing Flight MH 370   The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost on 8 March 2014. 12:41 a.m.: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Concise Politics — Your Time should NOT be wasted.:
911 = ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA RUN ISRAEL DID IT ? Click for Source Information on 911 Evidence for the proposition that the Israeli state was the prime mover behind…

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Brain-like Multiverse

Multiverse as a Brain Multiverse-theory The Black Hole-theory by Joe Fedor The idea of the universe as a ‘giant brain’ has been proposed by scientists – and science fiction writers – for decades. But now physicists say there may be some … Continue reading

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Deep Underground Military Bases ( D.U.M.B. )

Deep Underground Military Bases  By now, I am clear on a few simple facts. 1) There are many secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels. 2) They can be impressively large and surprisingly deep. 3) They contain sophisticated technology. 4) … Continue reading

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CRASH AERIEN. Vol MH17 de la Malaysia Airlines: ce contrôleur aérien qui a trahi Kiev

Originally posted on Allain Jules:
Par Alexandre Sivov Un contrôleur aérien de l’aéroport Boryspil à Kiev, de nationalité espagnole, connu sous le pseudo Carlos Spainbuca a fait des révélations que Kiev aura du mal à nier. En accusant précipitamment les…

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Facts to the destroyed MH17

Last facts to the murder Malaysia Airlines, MH17 Amsterdam – Kuala-Lumpur  17. juni 2014. I have found on the Internet (in posted news of Yahoo) a remarkable script with photos, which pictures contain more evidences of the destroying of flight … Continue reading

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Atlantis not lost!

ATLANTIS has not lost! (Our knowledge is too poor only…) Introduction Many people heard about the ancient lost Island of Atlantis. The legend is living in the Heart of many Civilization, from the ancient Egypt, trough Hellas until present days. … Continue reading

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